Thursday, 11 June 2009

The long run makes the short run easier

I met this really inspiring man yesterday. Having lost everything, including his business and his family, he re-evaluated his whole life. This ultimately led him to set up a charity and business to help others, to which he is now 110% committed.

What he said really struck a cord with me, "The more I know I'm never going to give up, the easier it gets to climb every hurdle in the way."

This is as true about business as it is about relationships, bringing up children, studying for a qualification or any other human endeavour.

I realised that until I have embraced anything completely, every hurdle gave me an opportunity to reconsider my 'exit strategies'. In those areas of my life where I am completely committed, the hurdles may be an inconvenience, but they never leave me thinking about quiting.

In fact, it's the opposite: I have found that those hurdles have brought depth to my relationships, taught me new skills, and even opened up new career opportunities to me.


  1. Really liked this entry, Jen. You sum up so simply one of the most crucial lessons we need to learn in life. Anything worth achieving is going to involve times of setback, frustration, possibly pain. It's my commitment that keeps me on course at those times.

    Just one quibble! I think being 110% committed (apart from being impossible) has less value than being 100% committed. For me, saying "I will do that" is preferrable to "I absolutely promise, I will do that."