Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My Daily Miracle

A few months ago, I started a new practice: My Daily Miracle.

Each night, before I go to sleep, I review my day and look for a miracle. And the funny thing is, most days I find one!

It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering miracle. It can be quite mundane. It frequently is! But it is the amazing almost every day I find something totally unexpected happens. A raise I didn’t expect… A woman offering me the last trolley in Tesco… A moment when, rather than snap at my husband, I choose to be kind rather than ‘right’. Suddenly understanding that being ‘right’ is just an illusion anyway!

The unexpected benefit of this practice has been that it has expanded my expectations, my assumptions of what may or may not be possible.

Perhaps the only reason others don’t have daily miracles is simply because they aren’t looking for them. They’re always there…

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jen

    I read all your blogs and I believe they are remarkable(thought provoking)

    What a way to the inner journey, I believe not only you but all readers will find this an aid towards their own journeys - I DO.

    My favourite Blog so far is "My Daily Miracle" - I am really happy you sent me the link to this blog...

    This blog found me today - 7th June 09 and this was MY MIRACLE of the day..

    I wish you continued and growing success with this...